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About Prva Group

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Prva Osebna Zavarovalnica is a member of the insurance holding Prva Group and is the largest provider of voluntary supplementary pension insurance in Slovenia. Prva is trusted by 125,000 individual clients and 2,900 corporate clients and growing.

The company was founded in 2000 after the introduction of the pension system reform in Slovenia. The subsidiary company Prva Osebna Zavarovalnica was established in 2007 after the first company was transformed into Prva Group holding.

Since 2007 the company has expanded its business to the field of personal accident insurance, as well as health and life insurance, spreading to other countries in South-Eastern Europe. Prva Group now consists of a life insurance company, three pension insurance companies, and another sister company that markets insurance products.

Prva Group’s success is based on the principles of professional, transparent and honest services for their clients and customers and those values are also reflected throughout their new workspaces in Ljubljana [link to Prva project]. Prvas vision is to become the leading specialized provider in the field of personal insurance and savings.

Prva Group, which manages 800 million in assets, is led by the President of the Management Board Dr. Alenka Znidarsic Kranjc and Board Member Bostjan Skufca Zaversek.

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