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About Medis

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Medis is a medical marketing company that focuses on marketing innovative pharmaceutical and medical products. Medis was established in 1989 and has built a full range of marketing services which guarantee their partners, top pharmaceutical and biotech brands, a strong market penetration and market share in the region.

Over the course of twenty-five years of doing business, Medis has established a present in a dozen international markets and is making plans for further expansion.

The company has its headquarters in Ljubljana, Slovenia with local branches in the region, covering 11 countries, languages and healthcare systems. Medis reaches a market of around 53 million potential customers in the countries of CEE region and Portugal.

Since its inception in late 1980s, Medis has launched over 100 innovative products through their distribution channels, raising safety standards and improving the quality of life for product users.

The success of the company is a reflection of strong work ethos, persistence and relentless drive for excellence. Companys leadership is committed to keeping Medis a great place to work and has partnered with Kragelj to create a high performance work environment for their people and teams.

Medis employs 280 people and is actively hiring. Their redesigned workspacesare flexible and multi-purpose and allow for future expansion. Almost 200 of their staff has an academic degree in pharmacy, chemistry, medicine, life sciences or economics.

Recently, the company has welcomed its new CEO Martina Perharič, Ph.D., who has succeeded Tone Strnad, the founder and long-standing CEO of Medis, Ltd.

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