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Impakta Group

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Engineering and international trading company, Impakta Group, combines a parent company with a number of related businesses and over 50 years of trading tradition. After going though a privatization process in 1992, the then-named Tehno-Impex group registered as a private joint-stock company and became Impakta.

Now, the established Impakta group promotes three top-tier and modern companies with high adaptability in an ever-changing and competitive fields. Its long history of experience and success allows for excellent customer service and flexibility.

Impakta Metal specializes in metallurgical products and components, acting as a supplier for automotive industries in Europe and Egypt, while Impakta Ortomed deals with high-end medical accessories for orthopedic implants and related assortments.

Impakta Eni trades with coal from the Indonesian P.T. Adaro mine, which produces coal with lower levels of sulphur and ash. Adaro coal is supplemented with the organic additive Thermact which further reduces emissions and atmospheric pollution.

In addition, Impakta Group is involved in real estate development and management business. Their recent project was Imparo commercial building complex in the southwestern part of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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